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Robert Hess’ Background-

Twenty-three years of demonstrated accomplishments/extensive experience in a variety of fields including: Advertising; Entrepreneurial Business Development/Ownership; Financial Sales/Services; Manufacturing; Marketing; Sales; Marketing/Sales Management; Specialty Guest Speaker; Expert Author; Developing/Servicing Offset Printing Accounts/Sales; CEO Marketing/Advertising Industry; CEO in the Food Service Industry; and Food Services Sales Management. In addition to strong management/sales management experience; Rob has outstanding administrative/communication/customer service skills and developing/fulfilling business/company objectives; skills. Rob’s ability/diligent effort for effective communication and the development/establishment of his accountability toward/trust from his clients/employees/employers have led to his successful professional career in highly competitive fields!

Through Rob’s years in the printing industry; developing/servicing accounts/clients such as: National Geographic; People; Time Life and Newsweek Magazines; “Estee Lauder”; “Revlon” Beauty Products; Toyota, Inc.; Bantam Books; to name a few: Rob’s productive, successful ability/effort in developing/servicing these accounts/clients; which is to focus carefully/dynamically as to what is demanded/desired/expected/needed; and then also to be prepared constructively/ creatively/dynamically/honestly with vision to suggest what can make the business/company/product/service even better/more dynamic/profitable/successful!

Rob and our company look forward to working with your business/company; which, for us, is a rewarding/unique opportunity in which to create/develop/meet/service accounts’; clients’; and your business’/company’s challenges/ expectations/goals/needs/objectives/products; with Rob’s and our company’s creative/dynamic/enlightened/industrious/innovative/visionary input and management/marketing skills!

Rob’s and our company’s experience/strengths will provide advantages/assets/benefits/profits/success for, to your business/company and will create/develop/enhance a directional/dynamic/strategic role with your business/company! Should your business/company have a need for an executive with Rob’s qualifications and record of accomplishment; our company would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you how Rob’s and our company’s background and experience will help to make your business/company even more dynamic/productive/profitable/successful!

*Thank You For Considering Our Company!* *We Look Forward To A Dynamic/Successful Future Servicing Your Business/Company!*

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Robert Hess: Expert Author/Creator of: We the People Speak Here! -Blog

Rob’s empathy for/understanding of the condition of hard-working Americans through his endeavors/experience and his desire for more effective/purposeful/viable communication among/with/of hard-working Americans are invaluable to enable/enhance hard-working Americans’ ability/desire/need to diligently/strongly demonstrate/vote/work for/toward their own best interests and to return the America to its Foundation: Which Is The Fact That Hard-Working Americans; Not The Connected/Corrupt/Powerful/ Wealthy; Built America! And Have Lead Us Hard-Working Americans To The Creation Of We the People Speak Here!

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We will create your web design that gets results!

Most web designers are not internet marketers, they are designers!

We design websites with your profit picture in mind!

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We are experts when it comes to ranking high in search results!

We know what to do and how to do it!

We will get you ranked so you can generate profits!

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We will take of everything to ensure you get the traffic you want!

Maintaining your website is the biggest part of our customer service.

We look after your website as if it were our own!


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Through the creation process of products and personality “branding”; targeting pier marketing groups is “our core focus”: In the commercial media market; it is no longer about “what you say” and/or about “what your company says about your products”: It is now about “what the consumer says about your products”! Implementation of your knowledge about your products: Which provides successful performance for your clients: Which greatly enhances lives and professions: “Will now be the key to your social media marketing success”! I Will Definitely See You At the Top!

By Robert Hess

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